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   Being raised from a Sicilian family cooking for me came naturally. Going back to the 1960's, early Sunday mornings I could smell the aroma of garlic sizzling in olive oil from the kitchen downstairs. It was a signal to get out of bed stroll downstairs and help our parents prepare the sauce, grate the cheese and the hardened loaves of bread for the breadcrumbs. You had to be careful though not to rub your fingers across the hand grater, when we did, boy did that hurt!

   As immigrants my parents stored very few canned products in our home,so what we made was started from scratch. The Sunday sauce (gravy or ragu to some) came from fresh tomatoes tossed in a food-mill and crushed by turning a wooden handle until all that remained were the skins. I still own that very food-mill today. Through it all I will say this, that my siblings and I have become wonderful cooks and for me personally it is my passion. Since then I have written a few articles for a national magazine and published my very own cookbook, Bartolo's Cookbook".

    Like the importance of a piano or the violin to a classical musician, my kitchen is my instrument I use to compose and create my meals as I always look to compose a  new dish and healthy alternatives. Remember, nothing taste better than a home cooked meal. Thank you, Bartolo